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I have been in health and fitness most my life. The career paths I have chosen in life have always been focused on helping people maintain a healthy life style. I have both educational as well as hands on experience in health, fitness, nutrition, anti-aging and overall western and holistic medicine. I have three children and I am 47. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease in my 30's and was diagnosed with cancer in my late 20's. I have  struggled with chronic pain and headaches for years from an auto accident and  subsequently had to have a significant facial/jaw surgery that left me with plates and screws that rebuilt my face and jaw. Recently, I was again challenged with an accident in which I injured both upper extremities at the same time and had two surgeries.  This left me in a cast for 9 months on my left arm with pins and wires placed, while I was also immobilized in a sling on my right shoulder after screws were placed.  It was a life without having upper extremities for almost one year.  My loved ones called me "T-Rex" :). However, the coolest part about these challenges is that with the love of my family and pure determination and perseverance I am still smiling today.


I have always been athletic, but not always "healthy" and life continues to be a work in progress. Living with Hashimoto's causes many challenges and I'm still learning. I love to share my knowledge and experiences. I truly believe even as we age we can continue to strive for optimal health and even reverse damage we've done from injury or bad habits. Becoming involved with competitive body building was exactly what I needed to overcome my fears with my health and past struggles. The changes in my diet and exercise have helped me feel better and be comfortable with my body. 

Every day I strive to create an atmosphere to touch people’s lives and empower those around me. I own a fitness center, teach class there and train others to compete as well as lead a healthy life style. I am also the medical director at our county's jail and love the challenges this kind of environment places on my abilities to dig deep and provide medical care to a population that many will turn their cheek to.  I have an occupational health/ chronic pain clinic which expands my ability to help others in other capacities.  My early career in medicine, was full of the excitement of emergency medicine. I believe this helped build my path in a well rounded understanding of medicine, health care and the need for an empathetic, yet solid approach in engaging health care. I have a passion that motivates me to connect with people on a deep level, which touches their life in a positive manner.


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